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This is a small community of friendly people, located on the edge of the Flint Hills, in southwest Morris County.  The town is located two miles south of the Santa Fe Trail’s Six Mile Station, which is identified by a historical marker and where nearby swales are visible.  The Burdick Council of Clubs hosts a weekend Burdick Labor Day celebration each year. At one time, Burdick boasted of two banks, a grocery store and general store, grade and high school (one of the eight high schools in Morris County).  Today, all that remains are the Burdick Meat Locker, family-owned since 1921, and known for its meat processing, beef jerky, and delicious potato sausage – and the  Burdick Oil Company, a family owned, full-service gas station and ranch supply that celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2008.  Burdick High School closed in 1957, sending its students to the new Centre School at Lincolnville – while the Grade School continued into the 60s before sending those students to Centre Grade School.  Many residents in the Burdick community are descendents of Swedes who settled this area in the 1880’s, and the community’s pride in its heritage is shared each Labor Day.

Burdick, KS
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