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In 2022 we have taken the opportunity to RE-IMAGINE all we can be in the expanded Morris County region. Read on to learn more about our vision for the future of the . . .





153 members strong, a brand-new office staff, and a community thriving in entrepreneurship, we begin re-evaluating our organization to determine how we can grow and add value to our community and members.


By asking our key stakeholders, members, and volunteers questions about their goals, their perceptions, and how we can serve them better, we gain a greater understanding of our place in the community. 



We compile the data and begin an informal strategic planning process. Our mission, our membership tiers, our branding, our goals, and our service area all need to be modernized.

Comprehensively planning for our growth over the next 5 years means that we can thoughtfully and thoroughly roll out a plan of action that begins in Council Grove and spreads to the rest of our service area.



We determine our new service region : any and all communities and businesses within the Council Grove area can benefit from a partnership with us! We defined how we can eventually serve these areas better via destination/visitors' centers that will also serve as hubs for economic and cultural organizations.

We begin the process of creating the concept model in Council Grove via a new travel and tourism campaign and a new visitor’s center we call . . .





We refine our organizational branding. We need a new name and philosophy in order to truly demonstrate that we are a modern, inclusive organization with a new take on how to accomplish the goals of the classic Chamber models.



The Council Grove / Morris County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism membership votes to change our name to the . . .

Council Grove Area Trade & Tourism Association.


As well, they are introduced to our new logo, mission, branding, philosophy, service area, and membership tiers.



We introduce our all new membership tiers designed for the expansive needs of our modern membership. 



We begin the process of rolling our Council Grove travel and tourism campaign.



We plan to move into our first hub location on Main Street in Council Grove, which will be the model for the “DESTINATION : YOUR TOWN'S NAME HER” Visitors’ Centers.


We will set our sites on the surrounding towns around Council Grove, working to develop travel and tourism brands for these areas and creating spaces for their economic and cultural development organizations.


 Our goal is to double our membership and expand our reach. By 2024 we will have 300 members and be setting a new standard for modern, professional, and effective Chamber of Commerce efforts in Kansas.


We will always be . . . “The Chamber That Works For You!”

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