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The City of Dunlap was founded in 1869 by Joseph Dunlap on the MKT (“KATY”) Railway line, and incorporated in 1875.  During the Black migration from the south in the 1870’s and 80’s some 40,000 Blacks came to Kansas.  Benjamin “Pap” Singleton, a former slave, incorporated the Singleton Dunlap Farm Colony and brought 200 Black settlers to the Dunlap area in May 1878.  In 1880, the Presbyterian Church founded the Freedmen's Academy of Kansas in Dunlap to provide an education to African-American settlers in Kansas. The Academy closed its doors in the mid-1890s.  During its heyday, Dunlap boasted a blacksmith shop, hardware store, grocery store, ice cream parlor, flour mill, butter and cheese factory, restaurant and the Guaranty State Bank among other businesses.  By the mid-1900s, Dunlap High School boasted the “best gymnasium in the county” and hosted the Morris County High School Basketball Tournament for many years.  Its bank, like the others, closed during the Great Depression.  All that remains in Dunlap today are a few residents.

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