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Charles G. Parker, former Santa Fe Trail wagon train freighter, founded the town of Parkerville alongside the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway (the KATY Railroad) in 1870.  In 1871, it became only the second incorporated town in Morris County and immediately challenged Council Grove for the County Seat – losing 413 – 899 to Council Grove in the ensuing election.  Like the other small farming communities of Morris County, Parkerville thrived through the late 1870s into the mid-20th century with a grade and high school, bank, newspaper, law offices, a veterinarian, grocery store and other businesses.  Parkerville High School – one of eight high schools in the county – closed in 1945 with most students going into White City High School.  The Parkerville Grade School, however, held classes until 1966.  The bank closed during the Great Depression in 1931.  In the early 20th century, a horse race track thrived, drawing spectators from a large area.  All that remains today is the Parkerville Baptist Church, a very active religious facility, in this once, proud, active community.

Downtown Council Grove, KS
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