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Five Questions with Morris County Historical Society Secretary, Jan Kimbrell

On Saturday, April 15th, 2023, our Morris County Historical Society held an event at the Dunlap Learning Academy in Dunlap, KS. The event was called The Kansas City Monarchs and America’s National Pastime. The guest speaker was author and historian Phil Dixon, and there was food, books, and much more! Our Trolley gave free rides to the event site, and a hot dog truck was there to really bring home that ballpark feel!

We asked Morris County Historical Society Secretary, Jan Kimbrell, to fill us in on how the event went; here’s what she had to say . . .

Q #1 : Phil Dixon sounds like such an interesting guy, with so much to share about a topic that unites and interests so many. What was he like?

A : Phil's presentation was excellent, and his love of baseball and the stories of those players from the past eras whom he came to know personally in their later years shined thru as he recounted events and statistics and endearing quotes from those who actually played the games and spoke the truths. He very kindly spoke with people up close as they came up to choose from the several offerings at his table. Many took photographs with him.

Q #2 : How did the audience react to the new Dunlap Learning Academy?

A : Some former Dunlap residents drove in to attend that hadn’t been back in decades, and enjoyed being back inside the former church and were happy to see the building and the stories being shared with folks.

Q #3: Do you think you will host more events there in the future?

A : There is interest in developing the Academy more fully to include the internet capabilities, streaming, etc., and we will present more events out there. So far, that has been somewhat cost-prohibitive. MCHS will need to find ways to make that happen at all of its sites to improve our physical sites and our sound and projection systems.

Q #4: Sounds like the MCHS could use an influx of capital in order to keep this kind of programming continuing. How can people donate?

A : Right now, we are set up to receive donations by check directly to Morris County Historical Society, P. O. Box 207, Council Grove, KS 66846. We are a 501-3c organization, so donations are tax-deductible. We also have a few tax credits still available, and our treasurer, Kelley Judd, can provide more information on that. We hope to get an electronic donation method established on our website soon,

Q #5 : What’s next for the Morris County Historical Society?

A : A spring auction will be held on the grounds of the Post Office Oak Museum on May 13th as we undertake a rejuvenation and improvement plan for the current outbuilding, grounds, and future exhibits at that site. We will soon be hosting open museum hours at the Post Office Oak Museum on the weekends and with docent-directed tours at all of our sites on request. The Society will also return to its quarterly public program offerings at the Carnegie Archives this summer and fall, which became popular this past year.

Thank you, Jan! And congratulations to the Morris County Historical Society on a tremendous event!

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