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Our 2023 Membership Drive

This year, our annual membership drive began on January 1st. We lovingly packed up envelopes with a Happy New Year letter, an infographic of our 2022 successes, an invoice form, and a survey page.

We dropped them in the mail and made a wish.

Want to know what we wished for? Well, that’s a secret!

We can tell you that the response thus far has been incredible. Every day the renewals are flowing in. And! We have had so many that haven’t renewed in the past couple of years come back. Thank you!

We hope you all can see the level of professionalism, tenacity, and value we are working hard to bring to the different facets of our community.

Our membership drive might be going swimmingly, but there is one area that I am really passionate about growing this year, and that is our community member memberships.

Community members can join our Association for just $75 annually. By joining, you get access to our emails of happenings and events, voting privileges at our annual meeting, and invitations to our Chamber-produced events. And, we hope you will join us at our ribbon-cutting events to welcome new businesses that are investing in the Council Grove area.

We know $75 is not a small sum of money. When you invest those dollars in our Association, you are investing in your community’s future, its economic development, and creating jobs and opportunities.

If you have been reading my articles over the past several months, then you know everything that the Council Grove Area Trade & Tourism Association does in our community. You also know that we are just getting started.

We are on a growth trajectory. Accomplishing more and more with each passing day, and we hope that you see our value and that we are earning your trust.

My goal is 100 community memberships in 2023. This is a BIG goal, but if we can do it, it will boost our marketing and event efforts. This money will go directly to outside marketing, purchasing of local goods and services, and producing more and more programming to enhance our quality of life in Council Grove.

So I am asking you, Council Grove Republican reader, will you join us?

If the answer is yes, we have good news. Join in January and receive 5% off the cost of your membership. Bringing the community membership down to $71.25.

You can mail your check to : CGAT&T Association at 116 West Main Street, Council Grove, KS 66846, or call us at 620.767.5413, and we can take a credit card payment.

Be sure to include your name, address, email, and phone number with your payment.

Thank you for simply considering this ask. We have so much to do and accomplish together. I hope I can count you as partners as we rise in rural America together.

Lastly, please join me this week in welcoming Margaret Wyatt to the CGAT&T team as our new office associate. Margaret is an Alta Vista resident with strong ties to Council Grove. Most of you know her from Pizza Hut (she’s the one in the pearls) or her wonderful readings at the Cottage House.

We are thrilled to have a warm, welcoming face at the front desk of DESTINATION : Council Grove, and we look forward to introducing Margaret to all of you in the coming months.

Margaret spreads warmth and hospitality wherever she goes, so she is a natural fit for our organization, and we are thrilled that she picked us.

Welcome, Margaret! Here’s to many years of welcoming visitors to Council Grove!

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