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Raise Your Hand If You Serve On A Board

Many of you in Council Grove and surrounding areas are members of a board. I know; I see you at the meetings. But, if you are like me, it can be tricky to understand your roles and duties and, most importantly, how to do your best for the organization(s) that you now serve.

This is why I am so excited that the Council Grove Area Trade & Tourism Association, in partnership with the Flint Hills District K-State Research and Extension, are bringing this BOARD LEADERSHIP BASICS training to our area.

WELCOME A-BOARD is a four-week training program that covers a number of topics to help board members and their organizations become more effective in their efforts. Sessions will be held in the Morris County Courthouse Meeting Room from 11:30am - 1:00pm. Lunch will be provided each week for a $10 suggested donation.

Here is a breakdown of the training sessions and how you can take advantage of this free opportunity.

Session #1, Tuesday, January 10th :

Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members/Effective Meetings

  • Organized Groups - How Do They Function and What Is Your Role When Asked to Serve?

  • Duties and Responsibilities of Non-Profit Board Members

  • Organizing and Leading Productive Meetings

  • Agendas to the Rescue!

  • Basic Parliamentary Procedure

Session #2, Tuesday, January 17th :

Understanding Fellow Board Members/Conflict Management

  • Generations - Adapting Volunteers of Different Ages

  • Behavioral Styles

  • Managing Conflict in Groups

Session # 3, Tuesday, January 24th :

Financial Responsibilities, Fundraising, Legalities, and Ethics

  • Financial Responsibilities of Boards

  • Fundraising and Managing Grant Revenue

  • Legal and Ethical Issues for Boards

Session #4, Tuesday, January 31st :

Strategic Planning

  • The Importance of Strategic Planning

  • Designing a Strategic Planning Strategy - Part 1

  • Designing a Strategic Planning Strategy - Part 2

To register, contact:

Extension office, call: 620-767-5136 or email:

CGAT&TA office, call: 620-767-5413 or email:

This opportunity is available to ALL but enroll soon. Space is limited, and we have a lot to learn.

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