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View our list of realtors and landlords in the area. 

We invite you to choose our area as your new home. Imagine a place that provides a full-time residence for a life of intentional living. Consider the benefits of a small town/ rural community to live, work, grow, retire and ENJOY LIFE!

We have great amenities to offer:

  • Beautiful tall grass pastures, wooded areas, and landscaped lawns!

  • Schools for all ages, from infancy to community college-  Including musicals, plays, scholars bowl and a strong robotics team.

  • Medical care for all ages. Several resident doctors, an acclaimed hospital, specialists who come for individualized care, an indoor pool and exercise facility.

  • Historic sites galore!  As an important stop on the Santa Fe Trail, Council Grove has over 25 historic spots to learn about and visit.

  • One of a kind shopping for groceries, hardware, plants, art, & gifts.

  • Outdoor experiences such as fishing, camping or boating at either our Federal Reservoir or Council Grove City Lake. Biking along our trails and checking out the Flint Hills Trail State Park, playing disc golf on one of two courses, or attending our variety of local sporting events. We also have city recreation sports teams for kids of all ages, dance lessons and local gymnastics. If you enjoy being an active adult, play on local teams for basketball, volleyball, softball, and pickleball. Enjoy our golf course, outdoor aquatic swim pool, Council Grove Life Center with indoor pool, racquetball court and yoga classes.


Come spend the weekend and stay overnight at any of our local lodging choices, check out the area and visit a local realtor, while you plan your relocation to beautiful Morris County!​

Living with Intention


Intentional living might include owning a historic home with character, a lake home, or building your own.  It is an easy drive to many surrounding cities. You might be one of the many working remotely, with fast internet speeds and fiber-to-the-home service. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, come join our local business district. It is amazing how a town with 2,300 people can offer all the amenities of a larger city, but with a small and safe community environment.  It is often thought that being in a bigger city means more experiences and opportunities. We believe the opposite to be true. Smaller communities welcome your energy and ideas towards volunteering and local causes. Your time and talents won’t just be noticed but will be appreciated and praised.

Request A Guide

To request a guide, and additional relocation information, please fil out the form below or contact us at 620-767-5413 

We will be in contact soon.

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