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The community of Wilsey started around 1884 as a major water stop for the steam trains of that era.  Later, the town became a major mail stop for the railroad.  The town thrived during that time with many stores and businesses into the 1950s and ‘60s with two grocery stores, two restaurants, a drug store, lumber yard and a hardware store that was the envy of many other Morris County communities.  At one time there were two filling and service stations and a mechanic shop doing auto and tractor repairs.  Of course, there was the inevitable grain elevator.  The weekly newspaper, the Wilsey Warbler ceased publication in the late ‘30s and the Wilsey Bank went broke during the depression of the early ‘30s.  The Wilsey High School merged into USD 417 and students began attending Council Grove High School in the late 1960s.  The Wilsey Grade School closed and students moved to Council Grove in the 1990s.  The former high school complex now houses the Wilsey Bible School.  Although the town is much smaller today, Wilsey has a proud history and welcomes visitors.

Downtown Council Grove, KS
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