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Services Unlimited

Utility, Metal Work, Retail, Service, HVAC, Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrical

Services Unlimited specializes in residential and commercial HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning) and expanded to include residential and commercial electrical work.


26 East Main Street

Council Grove

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Whether you’re a residential or commercial HVAC services client, there’s more to doing business with Services Unlimited than the products and services you purchase. You’re entrusting a company. A team. A technician. And you deserve to have that trust honored in everything we do.

Your comfort in working with us is as important as the comfort we deliver for the space where you live or work. That’s part of the difference you experience when you choose Services Unlimited. We’ve taken that trust seriously for almost 35 years. Excellent service at fair prices and a team you can trust.

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