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Hear our favorite song : It Was Always Council Grove by Blue Water Highway 

Experience Council Grove : The Main Street of the Flint Hills


It’s easy to see why Council grove, kansas, is the
Main Street of the Flint Hills

Our natural beauty and intentional way of life combine to create the ideal American, small-town experience. We’re simple, charming, whimsical, and hardworking.

Our community is filled with positive people that know exactly how to maximize our Flint Hills Lifestyle. Keep reading for their take on what do see and do while you're here. 

Consider this your "Pro-Tips" for visiting the Flint Hills...

From our Mayor...

As mayor of Council Grove, I would like to extend our “Warmest Welcome” to you as you visit our special community. You will soon find that our unique little City is a place filled with great amenities, including up-to-date fitness and sports complexes, trails, lakes, modern health and educational facilities, and special restaurants. If shopping is your favorite pastime, we’ve got you covered with Main Street shops and talented artisans galore.

You will enjoy our growing downtown as it is blossoming into an entertainment and event district with something going on nearly every weekend, especially on the Second Saturday of each month.

Be sure to reach out to our friendly citizens, who are always ready to lend a helping hand. We know you will enjoy your time here in Council Grove, and we hope you will return soon and join us in this great place to live, work and play! Blessings to you!

Mayor Debi Schwerdtfeger and her daughter, Angela

Debi Schwerdtfeger

     Mayor of Council Grove,

     Owner of headlines by June Cleaver

locals love ... 

our Neosho Riverwalk Amphitheater

I believe the Riverwalk Amphitheater is truly one of the most important projects in Council Grove in the past 20 years. It was built to positively impact the entire town and surrounding area’s economy. In the near future, I hope we can complete the bathrooms, sound rooms, and the rest of the master plan; that will only enhance the facility. 


The Amphitheater has had an overwhelmingly favorable response from the citizens of the area through the involvement of various civics groups and individuals, via financial support, direct labor support during the construction, and all the volunteers helping host events. 


Thanks to all the fantastic city employees that helped construct the facility. This city can’t thank you enough.

Jeff Blosser

Jeff Blosser

     Project Superintendent

     Wildcat Construction Co., Inc.

It has also created a sense of pride for the community, by having a venue where the citizens are proud to show off and host entertainment and events. The facility can host concerts, plays, musicals, weddings, community events, group meetings, movie nights, etc. Ever since the opening of the Amphitheater, there have been several national acts that have played here, and all of them have told us how nice the look of the facility is; and how good the sound quality is and rates right up there with the more famous venues like “Red Rocks” in Colorado.


I believe that for a small community, such as Council Grove, to have such a facility, is truly a unique jewel that we all can be proud of.  I invite all citizens of the area to come and enjoy and don’t hesitate to brag-it-up a little to the rest of the world.

locals love ... 

Our Walkable community

Our family enjoys the convenience of walking from our home to attend community events, shop at our unique retail store, and dine at our favorite eateries.  Not to mention an evening stroll through our historic downtown and Neosho Riverwalk! Raising our family in this Flint Hills community is a treasure!

Amanda McDonald

     Co-owner of The Dealership Building,

     Co-owner of 318 Mercantile

Amanda McDonald with her husband and 2 children

locals love ... 

our Twin Lakes recreation

Living in Council Grove all my life, I have been very fortunate to be able to enjoy our Twin Lakes (The Council Grove City Lake and the Council Grove Federal Reservoir) for camping, boating, fishing, and more.


The City Lake, with a surface area of 434 acres, has cabins and Airbnbs. Camping sites and group camping are available at the Reservoir, with a surface area of 3,235 acres. Both are great for all of your recreation needs.

Ginger, Skip, and the Council Grove Marina Store crew, by the Reservoir, will take great care of your fishing, boating, camping, supplies, and boat repair needs. They have a new selection of unique gift items too! Their Marina on the Water offers pontoon and kayak rental, boat slips, and more. Be sure to also enjoy their Parrot Patio with ice-cold drinks, breakfast on the weekends, and live entertainment!

Neter Schamberger and her husband

Neeter Shamberger

     Lifelong Council Grove Resident,

     Lake Recreation Enthusiast

White Memorial Camp, located on a peninsula in the middle of the Council Grove Reservoir, is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian Church Camp. They host two camps per year for adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities, and three kids camps every summer. It is also a beautiful setting for a wedding or family get-together, with reception and all-night facilities available.


When traveling and meeting people, I always tell them about my hometown of Council Grove, Kansas, with friendly residents, one stoplight, one brewery, several new businesses, and plenty of places to eat.


So come enjoy our Twin Lakes in Council Grove. A little gem, tucked away in the beautiful Flint Hills, between Manhattan and Emporia! Making the trip will not disappoint. 


I am hometown proud!

locals love ... 

our Historic sites

Council Grove is a historic city with a rich heritage tied to the United States' westward expansion. A treasure trove of 25 registered historic sites, roughly 1 for every 88 citizens, the landmarks offer a glimpse into the lives of the pioneers. The walking tour takes one to many of the sites with the wayside signs telling their unique stories.

Among the many sites to visit is the Last Chance Store, a trading post on the Santa Fe Trail in the mid-1800s. It stands as a testament to the town's role as a vital stopping point for pioneers and traders.

The Hays House is an iconic restaurant that holds a special place in the town's history. Built by Seth Hays, town founder and relative of Daniel Boone, it has served the community and travelers since 1857.

Kelley Judd and his parents

Kelley Judd

     Lifelong Resident, 

     Morris Co. Historical Society Board Member

The Kaw Mission State Historic Site, is a restored mission that sheds light on the cultural exchange between Native Americans and settlers during the mid-1800s. See the Council Oak, a sacred meeting place for Native American tribes and a symbol of unity and diplomacy.


As you explore these historic sites, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for Council Grove's role in shaping the history of the American West.

locals love ... 

our Small Business community

The heartbeat of Council Grove is our small business community. They invest in our land, buildings, and community culture. As a Council Grove resident and the executive director of the Council Grove Area Trade & Tourism Association, I am honored to support and promote our small businesses' creativity, work ethic, and contributions to our community and culture.

New businesses are popping up like wildflowers on our Historic Main Street. In fact, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we've had more than 11 new businesses open their doors!

Council Grove is rife with exciting, educational, and fun experiences. Our area is the perfect getaway because there is truly here is something for everyone here. We have drinking and dining establishments that celebrate the flavors of the Flint Hills. Shopping that is unique and eclectic -- you'll come home with troves of treasures that you will cherish for years to come.

Zoey Bond and her family

Zoey Bond

     Council Grove Area Trade & Tourism 

     Association Executive Director

     and Council Grove Wife & Mother

And, we have incredible events . . . Small venue concerts almost weekly, our Association's signature events like Candlelight Charm and Washunga Days, and much more at any number of our event facilities in town.

We invite you to join us in Council Grove! The people, places, and products are worth the trip.

locals love ... 

our Flint hills Dining & drinks

The food culture of the Flint Hills is Kansas-Beef focused while constantly evolving new flavor profiles with fresh, local ingredients. We may be meat and potatoes people, but we are anything but boring. Flint Hills chefs dish out award-winning BBQ and fried chicken, down-home desserts, eclectic tapas and appetizers, and we have some of the best Mexican food in the country.


Our diverse chefs and restaurants offer everything from exceptional seafood to soul-soothing Mennonite dishes like cinnamon rolls and bierocks. As the executive chef at Hays House 1857 Restaurant & Tavern, I am proud to be a part of a food-forward community that honors its history and innovates daily. Come to Council Grove and taste a variety of foods that tempt your palette and fill your belly.

Chef Randall Dickson holding 2 plates of food.

Randall Dickson

     Chef & Co-Owner,

     Hays House 1857 Restaurant & Tavern
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