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"From Away"

I moved here from Maine almost exactly one year ago. Before that, I lived in Hunting Valley, OH, a suburb of Cleveland; before that, I lived in Rochester, NY. I was born in Dallas, TX, and lived there until I was a teenager. So, I've been around.

Living in Maine was an interesting experience. Their dialect and "turns-of-phrases" were fascinating. They had almost a different language. Rarely an "r" was used — in fact, they spelled things like the word "drawer" with only one "r." Resulting in me wondering why dressers on Facebook marketplace had seven draws. Picture me imagining two cowboy dressers drawing their guns with seven hands. I have a vivid imagination.

For those of you considering a visit to our country's least populated and northern-most of the 48 continuous states, here's a short lesson in their regional expressions . . .

"Door-yard": The secondary door to a home, where you come in if you are familiar with the residents. Mainers say, "only cops and tax-men use the front doors."

"Flatlandah": Anyone from anywhere near the "midwest." Mainers define the Midwest as anything west of Massachusetts but east of California.

"From Away": Was your grandfather born in Maine? No? Then you, my friend, are "from away." It takes a minimum of two generations to be considered a Mainer. That's two generations and then you. Only then have you earned the title of "Mainah."

Mainers were uncomfortable with new people. That was pretty obvious. In general, they are a colder, more stoic breed. Completely the opposite of Kansans. I like this! You're warm, kind, inviting, sweet, intelligent, loving, community-minded, and open to growth and new ideas. You're my kind of people!

This week we hired a new Assistant Director at the Chamber, and she, my friends, is "from away." Just like me. Now seems like a good time to get to know her. Let's play FIVE questions with Sara Reynolds, Council Grove / Morris County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism's new Assistant Director.

1. Q : Where did you move here from, and what's something a little odd about that place?

A : "Joplin, Missouri! Home of the Bonnie and Clyde Garage Hideout."

2. Q : What makes you most excited when you think about living and working in Council Grove?

A : "Getting to truly experience small-town living and the opportunity to build lifelong friendships."

3. Q : What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A : "I run an antique business, so I'm always hunting for cool and unique junk and collectibles!"

4. Q : What experience do you bring to Council Grove that makes you the perfect person for Chamber-life?

A : "I'm an entrepreneur at heart and have helped grow small businesses while valuing small-town charm and history."

5. Q : What are your opinions on religion, politics, and foreign affairs? Just kidding. What's your favorite food?

A : "I'm a total sushi fanatic, and so far, in Council Grove, Grand Fortuna is my fave!"

Thanks for playing, Sara! We're so excited that you're here, and we can't wait to get to know you better!

Reminders : This coming weekend is #SecondSaturdaysCG! Community Members, sign up for our email list by sending an email to We'll add you to our list so that you know everything that's happening in and around Council Grove.

The Washunga Days Festival is coming!

Did you know? This year not only did YOUR Chamber and the Washunga Days Committee give out FREE wristbands for all USD #417 students, but we are also hosting a FREE community night!!! No wristband is required on Thursday, June 16th, from 5pm-9pm! Join us for local music, food vendors, our Vintage Flea Market at the Dealership Building, a vendor fair at the high school, and more! Next week we'll discuss the festival a bit more in-depth. So for this week . . . enjoy your planning!

See you then!

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