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The Direction of YOUR Chamber. Let's spill the tea

"Spill the tea" is a funny little expression that emerged within the last 15 years. Urban dictionary reports that it means : "To tell the truth about something juicy or scandalous.” While this isn't scandalous, and I'm not sure how juicy it is, let's talk about the Chamber's upcoming changes. At least it's the truth!

First, we're moving! Our move date is still TBD, but work on our new space is humming along. We will miss our home on the 200 block of West Main, but we're thrilled for a fresh space and a brand-new office to debut our new name and branding! We'll be tucked between Alexander Artworks / Watts Coffee and The Hays House 1857 Restaurant and Tavern. In the space formerly occupied by CASA.

Yep, you read that right! We're changing our name! The Council Grove / Morris County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism will now be… The Council Grove Area Trade & Tourism Association. Let's dissect that name and see why it will work harder and better for us.

Council Grove / Morris County vs. Council Grove Area. We chose to shorten this up because it actually broadens our service area. We want to grow and expand our offerings to better serve all our businesses. Increasing our radius helps us begin to grow our bottom line, which means more to invest in the value we provide every day.

Chamber of Commerce and Tourism vs. Trade & Tourism Association. The words "Chamber of Commerce" can mean different things to different people. Some people may have a great relationship with organizations like traditional Chambers of Commerce. Some don't. We need to modernize, be inclusive, and grow & thrive through the strengths and talent of our organization's team.

We chose the word "trade" because it gives a nod to our Santa Fe Trail roots of trading on the trail. It's how we look at business in Council Grove. Let's go to for this definition : “the act or process of buying, selling, exchanging commodities, at either wholesale or retail.” We are the hub that supports all economic activity in our area.

"Tourism" is pretty straightforward, but we are revitalizing our approach to tourism marketing. Beginning with Council Grove and then moving on to the other areas we serve. We are working closely with stakeholders, government officials, businesses, and community organizations to conceptualize and execute travel and tourism campaigns that highlight the immense features of our little towns and cities in our neck of the Flint Hills. You may have already seen Council Grove's new travel and tourism logo and slogan in ads in True West magazine and Kansas! Magazine.

We are tipping our hat to Council Grove's incredible history with this custom, historical font and paving the way for us to expand upon the recreation, shopping, dining, and services that make our town even more unique! We've also deemed Council Grove "The Main Street of the Flint Hills," a tagline that we believe will tell visitors and potential residents how welcoming and "open for business" Council Grove is.

Next week we'll "spill the tea" on the Washunga Days Festival — it's right around the corner! In the meantime, enjoy our beautiful area, congratulate Saddlerock Cafe on 15 years of serving Council Grove, and head over to to view our local events, join or renew your Chamber memberships, and find the best of our local business offerings.

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