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Taunte Lieseja Cafe

Coffee, Take-Out, Breakfast, Bakery, Restaurant

Taunte Lieseja is Low-German for Aunt Lizzy. Our recipes are those from Aunt Lizzy's kitchen.


206 West Main Street

Council Grove

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I (Owner Susan Harris) arrived in Council Grove four years ago. It was a hard time in my life, and I found sanctuary in Council Grove. This was a place where I was welcomed and loved through my struggles. Taunte Lieseja is a place that will embody sanctuary for all. No matter where you come from or what you have gone through, you are welcome in Tante Lieseja Cafe. Tanunte Lieseja was what everyone called my Grandmother in Low German. It translates to Aunte Lizzy. My grandmother loved everyone, regardless of their situation. My grandmother taught me to bake, and the recipes served in Taunte Liesja Cafe are her's. Thank you, Council Grove, for welcoming me, and I am excited to welcome all into this cafe.

Our hours are 7am-2pm Wednesday-Saturday

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