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Sponsorship Opportunities to fit any size business on any size budget.



This year, we’re laying out all our sponsorship opportunities early so you can pick and choose what’s right for you in 2024.

Since 2021, our Association has been evaluating how we can do EVERYTHING better. In this spirit, we are launching our new 365 Signature Event Sponsorship Program.


The Council Grove Area Trade & Tourism Association hosts around 30 events each year. As our marketing and popularity of these events increases, so does our need for financial support. Fortunately, we are experts in rewarding our sponsors with excellent marketing of their organization or business’ support.


These opportunities are open to all, Council Grove Area Trade & Tourism Association members and beyond!


Sponsoring a Council Grove Area Trade & Tourism Association Signature Event in 2024, be it Washunga Days, Girls Getaway in the Grove, Spooky Halloween, Candlelight Charm, or Second Saturdays CG is a strategic choice for businesses. These signature events draw diverse audiences, offering sponsors extensive exposure and community engagement. Aligning with these celebrations underscores a commitment to local culture, tourism, and community vitality, providing businesses with a unique opportunity to enhance brand visibility and forge lasting connections in Council Grove, KS.


The following is your chance to show our community and visitors just how involved and supportive you are in creating lasting memories and economic growth in our area.


Choose as many as you would like, but choose soon. These are all of the opportunities available in 2024, and they will go FAST!


Washunga Days Festival

Since 1984

Washunga Days is a 3-day (including the new Community Night) festival of music, food, kids activities, and so much more. Each year, Washunga Days brings more than 4,000 people from our area and across the country to celebrate our Flint Hills Life and Culture, both past and present. Not only is Washunga Days known for its stellar musical entertainment, but it also boasts an intertribal powwow hosted by the Kaw Nation that will knock your socks off!

Sponsoring Washunga Days in Council Grove, KS, in 2024 offers businesses a unique opportunity to engage with a vibrant community and showcase their commitment to local culture. This annual event draws diverse crowds, providing sponsors with extensive exposure and brand visibility. Aligning with Washunga Days demonstrates corporate responsibility, fostering positive relationships with residents and potential customers. Sponsors can leverage this platform to enhance brand recognition, build community goodwill, and contribute to the economic vitality of Council Grove, creating a lasting and favorable impression.


Our 2024 Washunga Marketing efforts are projected to reach nearly a quarter million people. That is a big impact.

Girls Getaway in the Grove

Since 1993

Girls Getaway in the Gove is an event that increases in popularity year after year. In 2023, more than 500 women descended on Council Grove to shop, dine, and sample wines all around town. This year, we anticipate doubling our GGITG turnout, through increased marketing and elevated branding.

Sponsoring Girls Getaway in the Grove 2024 is a strategic investment for businesses seeking to connect with a targeted demographic of women seeking relaxation and camaraderie.


Aligning with this event provides sponsors with a unique opportunity to promote products or services to an engaged and receptive audience. By supporting Girls Getaway, businesses demonstrate a commitment to women's well-being and empowerment, fostering positive brand associations. Sponsors can capitalize on the event's positive atmosphere, building lasting connections with participants and enhancing their brand presence in Council Grove, KS.


Our 2024 Marketing efforts are projected to reach more than 90,000 Flint Hills women.


Spooky Council Grove

Since 1946

In 2021, we rebranded and expanded our Council Grove Business Trick or Treating and Children’s Costume Parade (now in its 77th year!) to create Spooky Council Grove.

Sponsoring Spooky Council Grove in 2024 is a savvy move for businesses aiming to tap into the Halloween spirit and engage with a diverse audience. This event attracts locals and visitors alike, offering sponsors a unique platform for brand exposure.

By aligning with the spooky festivities, businesses can showcase creativity and community involvement, fostering positive associations with their brand. Sponsors gain visibility among a festive crowd, creating memorable impressions and solidifying their presence in Council Grove, KS, during a fun and spirited occasion.


Spooky Council Grove brings more than 1,000 people to historic downtown Council Grove the Saturday before Halloween and is an excellent opportunity for any business or community organization.

Candlelight Charm

Since 1986 

Candlelight Charm is Council Grove’s signature holiday event. Each year Candlelight Charm brings more than 1,000 people to Council Grove to kick off the holiday season.

 Sponsoring Candlelight Charm in Council Grove, KS, in 2024 is a brilliant opportunity for businesses seeking festive visibility and community connection.


As a holiday kick-off event, it offers sponsors a unique platform to showcase goodwill and celebrate the season with the community. Aligning with Candlelight Charm enhances brand visibility and associates the business with the warmth and joy of the holidays, fostering positive sentiments among attendees. Sponsors can capitalize on the event's merry atmosphere, creating a memorable and positive brand impression.


Second Saturdays CG

Since 2015

The biggest bang for your buck! Second Saturdays CG — All year!

Started by CGPride in conjuction with the Morris County Farmers Market, Second Saturdays have become a tradition in Council Grove.

Sponsoring Second Saturdays CG in Council Grove, KS, in 2024 is a strategic choice for businesses aiming to engage with the local community consistently.

As a monthly event, it provides sponsors with regular opportunities to showcase products or services, ensuring sustained brand exposure. Aligning with Second Saturdays, CG demonstrates ongoing community support, fostering strong and enduring connections. Businesses can leverage the recurring nature of the event to build lasting relationships, enhance brand loyalty, and solidify their presence in Council Grove throughout the year.

Are you wanting to sponsor another of our Council Grove events?
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