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It Was Always Council Grove

I am writing this article after attending our third, fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade concerts last night at CGHS.

I realize that having two young sons in our school system might make me a bit biased, but I have to say, “WOW!”

Have you heard the song ‘It Was Always Council Grove’ by Blue Water Highway? Go listen to it real quick. I’ll wait.

Well, our sixth graders performed it as the finale of their concert. Their final concert of elementary school. As a mom that moved here because she wanted her children to recall their formative years fondly — this struck quite a chord. Excuse the pun.

I’m a sap for my kids. They can do anything, and I swoon. Same with my friends’ kids and my kids’ friends. I love them all too. So witnessing my Truman (12 years old and snarky) and his friends singing this song together. I couldn’t help but think of the memories they are in the midst of making.

  • Trips to the Riverwalk to fish.

  • Playground adventures.

  • Sneaking their extra money to spend on as much ice cream as possible at Dairy Queen.

  • Looking for historic / haunted sites around town.

  • Candy Cigarettes from headlines by June Cleavers.

  • Biking around town until dusk.

  • Riding the Trolley every chance they get.

  • Making crafts with the Council Grove Community Arts Council.

  • Racing to finish delivering newspapers so that there is still time to play basketball at the park.

Our kids are having the best childhoods. Am I right? As a community, we are raising great kids. Our teachers, staff, aids, and paras at the USD417 are incredible. Our business community models excellent examples of entrepreneurism. Our government workers are trustworthy and reliable. Guys, things are pretty great here on the ol’ parenting front.

I’m grateful to Mrs. Bolieu and Mr. Meals for giving us parents a night like last night. A glimpse into my sons’ future memories. Today my heart is full, and my love for Council Grove has once again grown.

Not into music? Here are the lyrics, but give it a listen — the goosebumps are guaranteed.

It Was Always Council Grove

By : Blue Water Highway

Here alone again on the highway

All the rush, the hurry

All the sound and fury

Rattling my mind

So I’m headed out to the heartland

For the fields of plenty

Though the hills of my memory

And I’m rolling back in time

Oh, tear my heart to pieces

Wanna go back to the way it was

Oh, was it ever really perfect?

Or was it always just

Council Grove

I hit an old trail, now a main street

With familiar glances

Tales of last chances

And driving further on

I see a silhouette of the old place

Full of dreams and memories

A little small and empty

Now that I am grown and gone

Oh, tear my heart to pieces

I wanna go back to the way it was

Oh, was it ever really perfect

Or was it always just

Council Grove

On a hilltop, there’s an old bell

Must have pierced the quiet

Days of roar and riot

I guess they toll in every time

So I’m leaving now; I’ve got work to do

Moving on, returning

Through the grass-fires burning

Like a new day in the night

Oh, tear my heart to pieces

Wanna go back to the way it was

Oh, is it ever really perfect?

Or is it always just the same as it always was?

Council Grove

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