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This Weekend is #TheFlintHillsLife

I am often asked by friends and family if I am enjoying living in rural Kansas. It’s been a year and a half since our moving truck rolled into town, and I’ve loved getting to know this community and working hard for you since I took on this job at the Council Grove Area Trade & Tourism Association. My short answer is, “Heck, Yes!”

My long answer? I truly love it. And, so does my family. Weekends like this upcoming weekend are exactly why! There is always something happening in and around town.

Family-friendly? Almost always!

Educational? Yep!

Grown-up good times? Absolutely!

Let’s look at this weekend as an example. My family and I will be in heavy debate all week about which of these activities we’ll do . . .

Friday, after work, we’ll be digging into a yummy meal out. What a joy to have awesome dinner options in our little town. El Rancho Viejo’s carnitas is always a favorite of mine, but, in our house, the weekly announcements of the Chef’s Menu at the Flint Hills Saloon & Eatery and Chef Randy’s weekend specials at the Hays House Restaurant & Tavern are watched with the same intensity my Texas-football-obsessed-father used to watch the NFL draft announcements. Trailday's Cafe & Museum is another option, especially if I’m craving a Rueben! Who am I kidding? I’m always craving a Reuben.

On Saturday, we are deciding between attending . . .

  • The Baseball Tourney at the Young Sports Complex

  • The Morris County Historical Society’s presentation on the KC Monarchs and America’s National Pastime at the Dunlap Learning Academy.

  • The Spring Crank Up and Tractor Show at the Ag Heritage Park in Alta Vista

  • The Flint Hills Junkin’ Roadtrip, organized and put on by the Dealership Building and 318 Mercantile

  • Safe Kids Day at the Council Grove Fire Department

Why do you guys make this so wonderfully hard for us?

Sunday brings us another 2023 Kaw Mission Council, "Native Americans on the Santa Fe Trail," presented by Mike Dickey at the Carnegie Building. But, Sunday also means hikes and morel mushroom hunting for this family. Plus, Sunday will be my only day to shop for a gift for a friend. Thankfully, Valerie’s Gifts & Such has Sunday hours and exactly what I need!

Is your family like mine? Always on the go, and always ready for the next activity Council Grove and our surrounding areas have to offer.

You can find information on all of this and more at Our office uploads new events weekly, so check often!

What are your #FlintHillsLife weekend plans? Did I miss anything? Man, I hope I didn’t miss anything.

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